Not every business is the same, so why should your accounting needs be? Accounts and tax returns are a necessity but what about the rest? Do you have a plan?

Strategy – giving our clients a holistic service based on exactly what they need. Working alongside our clients we will help assist them make their aspirations a reality.

Whilst we understand that accountancy is a compliance service it can be so much more. At Rotherham Taylor we love to work closely with our clients, adding value and supporting them to not only survive but to grow and thrive. We like to consider our role as strategic advisors and hence the name ‘Strategy’.

Support to meet your needs

As part our Strategy package we will work closely with our client in whatever guise they need. This may be in the role of Finance Director or Business Consultant. We will work with you to determine what support you need and how we can help you.

Having established a business and nurtured it through its incubation period into a period of stability, it is then the obvious next step to pursue growth.

By working with Rotherham Taylor through our Strategy proposal we would work with you to identify exactly how you would want to grow.

Rotherham Taylor would take on the role of temporary Finance Director, providing specific, targeted advice without the need for the client to hire their own costly Finance Director.

Forecasting to map out the way ahead

The first step could be to produce an in-depth three year financial forecast. By working with our client we would be able to put together a forecast which could establish if additional finance would be needed and also identify the key areas to be monitored; this could be close control of specific costs, setting targets for sales or determining when additional employees need to be added to the team.

With a plan in place Rotherham Taylor would meet with our client on a monthly or quarterly basis to review performance. We would work very closely with key people within the business to implement a strategy to achieve the targets.

If the forecasts identified that additional finance needed to be raised Rotherham Taylor would help secure the funding, this could be through short or long term borrowing or raising of share capital.

A plan that evolves with you

Once the client was happy with the strategy and its implementation Rotherham Taylor would be able to either develop additional plans, evolving with the client as it grows, or alternatively return to a compliance role.

Our Strategy offering is a bespoke solution and accordingly our fee will depend on the exact needs of the client, we would discuss these in advance and agree a fee where appropriate.