You may view your audit as a statutory requirement which simply provides confirmation of historic results and adds no meaningful value

We take a different view.

Whilst ensuring regulatory compliance, our approach is designed to bring benefit to your business and enable you to make informed forward-looking decisions.

Our audit methodology is based on detailed risk assessments which includes gaining a full understanding of all the processes and transaction cycles of each individual business.

This approach enables us to assess strengths and weaknesses in order to provide proactive strategic advice.

Our audit team will keep you updated on any relevant changes in accounting and auditing standards and are available for questions throughout the year.

We can prepare accounts and perform audits for all types of businesses across all sectors including not-for-profit and solicitors’ practices.

We also perform other forms of assurance including non-statutory audit, which has the benefit of reassuring existing stakeholders, potential purchasers or investors on business performance and regulatory compliance.