We understand that charities are facing the twin challenges of unprecedented levels of scrutiny and complex accounting rules, often with few resources to draw upon in order to ensure compliance.

Our team is experienced in charity accounts and compliance and can help you make sure that you meet all current requirements.

Case Studies

Autism Forward is a small national charity which aims to help autistic adults gain employment opportunities.

It does this by providing grants, so that autistic adults can receive mentoring support and advice to make the transition from education to work. The charity also provides resources to help employers understand how they can make the workplace more autism-friendly.

Jane Pierce, is the Secretary and a trustee of Autism Forward. Explaining how the charity’s business relationship with Rotherham Taylor began, she said: “As a newly established charity, we chose an accountancy firm who had good reputation and expertise in the charity sector. A friend of ours, who runs a bowel cancer charity, recommended Rotherham Taylor to us.

“As our charity is based in London, we had already had a number of quotes from London accountancy firms which, frankly, were astronomical.

“So, when we spoke to Rotherham Taylor we were delighted to discover that they not only had the specialist charity expertise that we needed, but their fees were far more sensible.

“With Rotherham Taylor we’re getting the best of both worlds: an expert service without the London price tag!”

Jane continued: “Chloe and the team at RT have been professional and helpful from the outset. They have suggested a few changes, involving bank reconciliation and Gift Aid reporting which have been really helpful. They were also able to reassure us that the majority of our financial reporting was on the right track which was good to hear.

“I find Chloe’s input very helpful. For example, she reminds me to record all my expenses – a habit I had not got into as, working for a charity, it’s all too easy to think ‘I won’t bother recharging for mileage, or for the cost of a few stamps – I’ll just absorb the cost myself’. Now, thanks to Chloe, I understand the importance of keeping a full record so that the charity has a complete oversight of its running expenses.

“If I had to sum up my experience of Rotherham Taylor in just a few words I would say they are: professional, efficient, very accessible and clear in their dealings with our charity.

“I would certainly be happy to recommend them to other charities and not for profit organisations.”