30-year business relationship stands the test of time

Michael is extremely proactive. He’s always there to cover my back and constantly challenges me with ‘Have you thought about …?’ ideas to help me plan for the future.

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CHC and Russell & Sons Plastering – a smooth business relationship

The whole process goes so smoothly. They take all our VAT receipts and just get on with it. If they have any questions, they call me, but by and large they leave me to get on with running and growing our business.

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A lesson in excellent business support

The service we receive is always very timely. Rebecca is just a phone call away if we need advice and if she’s out of the office she always gets back to us within 24 hours without fail.

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Interim Management Accountant

In order to allow our client the time to recruit a high calibre management accountant, Rotherham Taylor were able to step into the breach and send a member of the team to the client’s offices for between 2 to 3 days a week over a 6 week period.

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New company start up

Rotherham Taylor worked closely with the client in the initial stages of the business to ensure that the client knew what the ongoing compliance responsibilities would be and also introduced the client to Xero, a cloud bookkeeping package.

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Ongoing Financial Controller

Rotherham Taylor work closely with the client and have a system in place so that they can remotely receive information from the client which enables them to act as the Financial Controller alleviating the Directors of this responsibility.

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Reorganisation of personal finances

The family owners of a long established substantial construction company found themselves facing a liquidity and compliance crisis as a result of the fallout from the global financial crisis of 2007/2008.

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Opening of Bank Accounts

Our client is a Danish fintech company with an innovative International payment system operating to disrupt the market for International payments monopolised by the banks and credit card companies.

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